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Review Of Knox Motorcycle Gloves

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Knox gloves

Knox Hand Armour Technology

Knox gloves

I recommend Handroid!

Knox has been on the ground since the 1980s in innovating impact protection clothing and motorcycle gloves. It naturally dawned on them to come up with something different. Something that can is much needed and can make a difference in the world of motorcycle riding. This led to them begin the manufacture of Knox hand armour motorcycle gloves. They began with the SPS (scaphoid protection system) that is used to protect riders against scaphoid injuries. These injuries are caused by hyperextension or compression fracture when a glove makes contact with the ground. Integral shim washers and plastic tubing acts as a sliding eliminator and grab effector which also eliminates scaphoid injuries. Following this line of innovation, Knox has been able to come up with very many types of motorcycle gloves that are fully protective against injuries and the winter cold and grasping. See videos about Knox gloves here.

The range includes:

Knox Handroid Motorcycle Gloves

The 2014 version of these Knox motorcycle gloves have been approved by CE as befitting the newly set safety standards for motorcycle riders. The gloves have passed 15 tests which include material content, dexterity and movement, sizing, breathability, seam strength and restraint, protective area, impact resistance and sizing making them multi award winning gloves an also voted the innovation of 2011 by BMP.

The flexible exo-skeletal and flexible finger spines are extensive covering all the fingers, knuckles and thumb. This results in free movement. The back of the hand is lined with a comfortable smooth cover. SPS is used to enhance additional sliding on the palm and in case of an accident, it’s the SPS that will touch the ground not leather. 

This glove boasts of a technology that allows adjustment of the cuff. The wrist tightens uniformly from all side. It is removed by just pulling the dial making wearing and removing the glove an easy experience. This glove comes in white, red, black and black and white colors and you can buy Knox Handroid gloves here.

Handroid Pod Knox Gloves

This is a version of Handroid that is shorter and can fit under a jackets’ sleeve. The CE certifies these gloves. Its standard is difficult and its assessment is based on ability to protect motorists while riding.

This glove features a new closure system at the wrist designed by the ingenious Knox and boa. The closure mechanism is guaranteed to be fit and balanced. It has a similar exo skeleton design and feature like the Handroid. 

Knox Orsa Leather Motorbike Gloves

These are summer riding Knox motorcycle gloves, they are perforated. The excellent Knox Orsa motorcycle gloves are also CE approved and have undergone independent testing in 15 separate tests and passed all of them. The tests include material content, sizing, dexterity and movement, breathability, tear and cut resistance, seam strength and restrain, protective area and impact resistance.

Honeycomb gel backed with memory foam for the floating knuckle area for a stronger shell and ability to absorb impact. This kind of glove comes in black and white color.

Knox Biomech Biker Gloves

These gloves prove their suitability from the 5 times 2013 TT winner who praise their no blister feature, great protection, fitting and comfort that yields concentration. These gloves feature an opaque guard for the knuckles. The black honeycomb gel used is effective in impact absorption. The gel has an ability to expand and accommodate a clenched fist. The back has small impact absorbent honeycomb gel. The fingers feature discrete finger sliders and a super fabric covering the little finger side. This is a good review of Knox Biomech gloves for you to read.

The palm features tested SSP system courtesy of addition of cuff sliders inside. It has super tear resistant and strong kangaroo leather cover. The glove has a dial removal mechanism that makes wearing and removing very easy and comfortable.

Textile winter motorcycle gloves from Hand Armour

This is a lightweight and warm riding gloves with an inner waterproof membrane. It has great performance, keeps the rider comfortable, and warm all thanks to its breathability. The thinsulate lining inside makes the glove warm. The gloves just like the others feature SPS on its palm. This feature eliminates grab effect on the road reducing hypertension effect.

The glove features high tenacity outer textile fabric. It is combined with a great strong and durable goatskin. The gloves can be worn under sleeves of a jacket courtesy of the retaining cuff and strap.it is reflective up to 3 meters for visibility and clutch fingertips for the best grip.

Knox hand Armour Gloves

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Hand Armour

Knox is a company that has stood the test of time. We know Knox hand armour and back protectors. Over time, it has established different product lines, each being run by different divisions of the company. Formerly known as 'Knox Armor', it has at least five divisions, something that you can see from their website, 'Planet Knox'. One of them is the 'Cold Killers' division. It focuses on windproof winter layers. 'Knox Lab' focuses on motorcycle gloves, coming up with different types like Biomech, Zero, Recon and Handroid. The 'Dry Inside' division deals with base layers and the 'Knox OE' works with other manufacturers of motorcycle clothing. Let us look at 4 Knox hand armour motorcycle gloves:

1. Biomech


– Fits well

– Armour

– Scaphoid protectors

– Knox shrouds

– Sturdy

– Vents

– Velcro fastening

– Boa lacing system

The Biomech Knox hand armour fits well. It has armour on the knuckles and at the back of the hand. The palms are covered by Knox scaphoid protectors, and Knox shrouds cover the cuffs. The gloves feel sturdy. There are vents on the sides of the fingers to let in enough air. This ensures that the gloves are not sweaty even in warm weather. There is also Velcro fastening on the wrist which can be pulled tight. The boa lacing system on the cuffs is adjustable, yet feels secure. 


Pack the gloves carefully to avoid catching one of the laces. 


2. Orsa


– Breathable

– Lightweight

– Comfortable

– Affordable

– Durable

– Secure closure

These Knox hand armour motorcycle gloves are ideal for warm weather. They are breathable and lightweight, but do not overlook protection. They are also comfortable, affordable and just look cool overall. They are durable. The fastening system has a low profile, allowing it to easily slip under the sleeve. It offers a secure closure. 


3. Cold Killers


– Durability

– Wind stopper material

– Lightweight

– Versatile 

These gloves have simply redefined durability. A fleecy material covers the palms, with the back of the hands being covered by wind stopper material. They are lightweight and are versatile. You could use them for skiing for example. 

A downside

You need to avoid riding in winter if you do not want your hands to get cold. You can opt for heated gloves or courier-style muffs. 


4. Recon


– Long distance riding

– Boa wrist closure system

– Soft leather

– Comfortable

– Armour

Recon Knox hand armour motorcycle gloves are ideal for long distance riding. They have a boa wrist closure system which allows them to seal around you completely. Interestingly, they do not retain moisture and release instantly via pulling up the tensioner. They are made from soft leather and are comfortable. They do not compromise on protection and have hard armour on the scaphoid, fingers, and knuckles. They are also quite warm. They are not entirely waterproof, but will keep the rain out for an hour or so (even for fairly heavy showers). 


The closure system is a bit complicated. You need to ensure that the cuffs are tucked in right.


As you can see, the different Knox hand armour motorcycle gloves cater for different needs. All you need to do is choose the ones that best suit you. 

My Knox Orsa Review

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Orsa Gloves Are Best

Riding a motorcycle can give excellent satisfaction, however sustaining a firm grasp on it is an essential factor and the Knox Orsa motorcycle gloves are created to provide this particular purpose. 

The Knox Orsa motorcycle gloves protect your hands against the elements of nature and when you consider that your hands are the guiding force behind your motorcycle driving, it makes you realize just how important these gloves are.

Not only do these gloves offer protection to your hands, they also keep your wrists, knuckles and fingers safe and warm during the ride. They feature a gel honeycomb knuckle shield and knuckle, finger and palm protectors for this particular purpose.

The Knox Orsa motorcycle gloves make great summer gloves. They use a Boa fastening system instead of Velcro hence they are much secured and you feel safe in them. The Boa closure system makes them a perfect fit. You can easily get your hands in and out of the gloves. 

The seamless is indeed a nice touch meaning when you take them off you don't have any funny alien markings on your hands like you get from some gloves.

Though it may take a couple of seconds longer to secure, it saves you from fraying and scratchy Velcro and provides a tighter, more secure fit.

These gloves make ideal summer companions for riders as they are breathable and light. They feature twin overlay to high wear areas hence they remain sturdy and last for long.

Knox Orsa gloves feature plenty of padding in the palm area of the glove. They also come with a dual compound scaphoid protection system. This ensures there is adequate palm protection.

These gloves are lightweight and comfortable and still manage to give solid protection across the hand.

They also feature a super breathable palm construction hence they still feel comfortable even if you sweat in them. This great ventilation makes them perfect for the summer. Besides, they are water resistant meaning you cannot wet your hands even when riding in the rain. 

Knox Orsa gloves come in various sizes hence you can get your perfect fit that allows you to handle your motorcycle with ease. 

Knox gloves come with a strap that can be tightened so that they fit securely and there is no chance of them being thrown off due to high wind speeds when driving. They also stay in place should there be an accident. 

They are made of stretch vented material which is reliable, durable, and flexible and it is able to repel water. Most motorcycle drivers opt for Knox gloves as they are real gloves unlike other second-rate fake options.

The silicone detailing provides a stronger grip hence you do not have to worry about slipping.

Knox motorcycle gloves are part of your protective motorcycle gear that you count on time to time. They give you 100% protection, comfort and provide your hands a firm grip on the handle bars. They also feel very thin yet secure with much more protection that you see on similar summer gloves. Get your lightweight, comfortable and function Knox gloves today!

Knox Biomech Gloves

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The Biomech Glove

As part of a motorcyle gear upgrade, you may decide to give a new set of gauntlets a try. Riders, both professional and beginners, are always seeking comfortable, high quality gloves, placing more emphasis on their safety and feel. It's more than true that wearing uncomfortable gear is more dangerous and risky than wearing less quality gear, especially on considering the fact that the distraction and discomfort puts you at more risk.

Any gloves not enhancing a good feel on brakes, the throttle and clutch actually elevate the risk to even a greater extent. Gloves, to a huge extent, are similar to helmets. Should they not fit your hands' shape, then they're less likely to feel comfortable. Chances even are that you'll be irritated. As such, we'd like to closely review the Knox Biomech gloves, trying to decide on whether they're really worth it or not.

Knox Biomech Gloves

The Knox Biomechs are commonly and extensively used on the street, as well as on track. Below are some of their features, looking into their positive side, as well as the negative one.


The Biomechs are feature-filled to protect your hands. Gloves that are intended for motorcyle racing typically have pre-curved finger sections included. The Knox Biomechs are not any different. On the fingers and palm, they've a strong, yet tear-resistant kangaroo leather.

On the remaining surfaces is drum-dyed Aniline leather, sewn with high tensile polyester thread. Aniline leather is basically a kind of leather that has been dyed with soluble dyes which penetrate into the leather. This in turn, highlights the hide's natural beauty. Granted that there's no other coating used, this leather stands out superior in suppleness and softness.

The kangaroo leather along the palms is quite appropriate. This kind of leather is known to be stronger, yet lighter than many other kinds. It's by far unique, as it can be cut to a thin substance while still retaining the strength. In addition, there's a silicon grip perfectly overlay on the palm where your hands will grip the handlebars.

The scaphoid protection system on the palm is enhanced by the inner cuff slider which creates a sliding effect on pavement rather than allowing the palm to dig in. There's an opaque, exoskeleton knuckle protector, which contains a soft and impact-absorbent honeycomb gel. This may be seen right through the knuckle guard. The same gel is housed by the small metapod at the hand's back.


The Biomechs fit conveniently perfect. Should they not do so, it'd probably be because of your hands' and fingers' sizes. They're set to feel sturdy and safe without digging in anywhere. You'll even appreciate them more if the sizes of your fingers and thumbs differ as they're able to compensate for such irregularities. They actually improve in the feel as they break-in.


Considering that they're high end gloves, the overall feel is suitably excellent for the throttle, clutch and brake. The Biomechs rival, and outdo other brands and models in terms of the feel. They feel satisfying sturdy, sitting nicely and perfectly without digging in anywhere. There're vents on the fingers' sides which let in the right amounts of air.

Tightening System

These gloves feature quite a mint tightening system. It's quite easy to use them and seemingly, they're of deserved high quality. Their tightening system makes it easy to lock down the gloves to your sleeves at any tightness level you'd feel comfortable with. It also makes them easily and quickly removable. They're definite to hold up well whenever called to duty.

The Velcro fastening along the wrist may be pulled tight and nice, with the cuff's boa lacing system feeling as secure as Velcro. Together, these offer an extensive range of adjustability.

Boa Lacing System

Initially, this system was designed for footwear. In these gloves, the Boa lacing system draws the gauntlet side flaps, with an adjustable knob closure, over the wrist. You can easily tighten it by just snapping the knob down and dialling in the right torque amount for your taste. You may also release by simply pulling up the dial and the cables will give slack.

Any Cons?

The Biomechs may not seem great if you prefer wearing the cuffs under your sleeves. That ought to be quite obvious. Also, the lacing system does feel somehow vulnerable when you aren't wearing the gloves.

Ill-fitting gloves will distract and irritate you, and are actually dangerous. At their price range, the Knox Biomechs are conveniently comfortable and of promising quality. For fellow riders, and aspiring ones, I'd absolutely recommend the Biomechs, especially if seeking reasonably priced ones for track or street use. They're worth considering if you'd prefer a full, yet greatly appealing gauntlet.

Knox Handroid Review

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Handroid Gloves

The Knox Handroid motorcycle gloves come in different colours : red, black, white, a mix of black and white and prices comfortably within affordable range. Any rider, serious enough about their protection will come away with a pair or two. This innovation from Knox is unique, made specifically take care of the rider's comfort and at the same time ensure that the glove fits perfectly. The gloves come in different sizes to fit any hand in the world. This glove protects the rider from scaphoid hurts or injuries and does away with effect felt when you grab the motorcycle handles.

Motorcycle riders will agree that these gloves are among the most ingenious and creative innovations ever made with the well being of the rider in mind. The flexible exoskeletal armor adequately covers not only the knuckles but also the fingers to ensure utmost protection to the part of the hand from the wrist downwards. The rider doesn't have to worry about the fingers either as they have their own armor for protection. These gloves also have a specific closure feature which ensures that pressure is applied evenly around the rider's wrist. This feature can be tightened or loosened quite effortlessly and easily so that the comfort of the rider is seriously taken care of. The riders will make use of this handrod gloves their daily choice because of the assured protection. In addition to being very tough, they are also very comfortable and very easy to use.

A complete pair of the gloves comes with features that are artfully and innovatively developed to ensure that any potential harm or destruction coming your way is forestalled – long before it happens. This good news is simply music to the ears of any motorbike rider who spends more time on their bike than anywhere else. The high-power Boa system, for instance, comes complete with a lace reel that is almost unbreakable. With 49 strands of wire made from stainless steel, it makes for an incredibly strong cable once tightened but when it is pulled, the string loosens immediately. The Handroid gloves were the first to incorporate the Boa System .

The exoskeleton feature is attached using springs and these work by pulling back slightly on the fingers. When in use, the spines are firmly anchored on the middle spines knuckles/segments of the rider's fingers and serve as sliders. The springs in the exoskeleton work by adding reverse pulling power and this reduces tension. The Boa system and the exoskeletal feature of the handroid gloves are what makes them unique. The other features of the gloves are pretty much the same as what you would find on any other motorcycle gloves. Soft leather is found in the body and palm of the gloves. The external stitching makes the inside of the glove very smooth and ensures that your hand is comfortable throughout.

Finger,arm, hand and wrist injuries are prevented by the Scaphoid protection system. The kangaroo leather used for the gloves ensures that moisture is controlled and perfect ventilation is maintained in the glove while the rider concentrates on what he loves most. A perfectly fit size for any rider, comfort and strength with the assured protection to the hand that the Knox Handroid motorcycle gloves give make them an ingenious innovation of motorcycle hand gloves in the market.