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Review Of Knox Motorcycle Gloves

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Knox Hand Armour Technology

Knox gloves

I recommend Handroid!

Knox has been on the ground since the 1980s in innovating impact protection clothing and motorcycle gloves. It naturally dawned on them to come up with something different. Something that can is much needed and can make a difference in the world of motorcycle riding. This led to them begin the manufacture of Knox hand armour motorcycle gloves. They began with the SPS (scaphoid protection system) that is used to protect riders against scaphoid injuries. These injuries are caused by hyperextension or compression fracture when a glove makes contact with the ground. Integral shim washers and plastic tubing acts as a sliding eliminator and grab effector which also eliminates scaphoid injuries. Following this line of innovation, Knox has been able to come up with very many types of motorcycle gloves that are fully protective against injuries and the winter cold and grasping. See videos about Knox gloves here.

The range includes:

Knox Handroid Motorcycle Gloves

The 2014 version of these Knox motorcycle gloves have been approved by CE as befitting the newly set safety standards for motorcycle riders. The gloves have passed 15 tests which include material content, dexterity and movement, sizing, breathability, seam strength and restraint, protective area, impact resistance and sizing making them multi award winning gloves an also voted the innovation of 2011 by BMP.

The flexible exo-skeletal and flexible finger spines are extensive covering all the fingers, knuckles and thumb. This results in free movement. The back of the hand is lined with a comfortable smooth cover. SPS is used to enhance additional sliding on the palm and in case of an accident, it’s the SPS that will touch the ground not leather. 

This glove boasts of a technology that allows adjustment of the cuff. The wrist tightens uniformly from all side. It is removed by just pulling the dial making wearing and removing the glove an easy experience. This glove comes in white, red, black and black and white colors and you can buy Knox Handroid gloves here.

Handroid Pod Knox Gloves

This is a version of Handroid that is shorter and can fit under a jackets’ sleeve. The CE certifies these gloves. Its standard is difficult and its assessment is based on ability to protect motorists while riding.

This glove features a new closure system at the wrist designed by the ingenious Knox and boa. The closure mechanism is guaranteed to be fit and balanced. It has a similar exo skeleton design and feature like the Handroid. 

Knox Orsa Leather Motorbike Gloves

These are summer riding Knox motorcycle gloves, they are perforated. The excellent Knox Orsa motorcycle gloves are also CE approved and have undergone independent testing in 15 separate tests and passed all of them. The tests include material content, sizing, dexterity and movement, breathability, tear and cut resistance, seam strength and restrain, protective area and impact resistance.

Honeycomb gel backed with memory foam for the floating knuckle area for a stronger shell and ability to absorb impact. This kind of glove comes in black and white color.

Knox Biomech Biker Gloves

These gloves prove their suitability from the 5 times 2013 TT winner who praise their no blister feature, great protection, fitting and comfort that yields concentration. These gloves feature an opaque guard for the knuckles. The black honeycomb gel used is effective in impact absorption. The gel has an ability to expand and accommodate a clenched fist. The back has small impact absorbent honeycomb gel. The fingers feature discrete finger sliders and a super fabric covering the little finger side. This is a good review of Knox Biomech gloves for you to read.

The palm features tested SSP system courtesy of addition of cuff sliders inside. It has super tear resistant and strong kangaroo leather cover. The glove has a dial removal mechanism that makes wearing and removing very easy and comfortable.

Textile winter motorcycle gloves from Hand Armour

This is a lightweight and warm riding gloves with an inner waterproof membrane. It has great performance, keeps the rider comfortable, and warm all thanks to its breathability. The thinsulate lining inside makes the glove warm. The gloves just like the others feature SPS on its palm. This feature eliminates grab effect on the road reducing hypertension effect.

The glove features high tenacity outer textile fabric. It is combined with a great strong and durable goatskin. The gloves can be worn under sleeves of a jacket courtesy of the retaining cuff and strap.it is reflective up to 3 meters for visibility and clutch fingertips for the best grip.