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Knox Handroid Review

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Handroid Gloves

The Knox Handroid motorcycle gloves come in different colours : red, black, white, a mix of black and white and prices comfortably within affordable range. Any rider, serious enough about their protection will come away with a pair or two. This innovation from Knox is unique, made specifically take care of the rider's comfort and at the same time ensure that the glove fits perfectly. The gloves come in different sizes to fit any hand in the world. This glove protects the rider from scaphoid hurts or injuries and does away with effect felt when you grab the motorcycle handles.

Motorcycle riders will agree that these gloves are among the most ingenious and creative innovations ever made with the well being of the rider in mind. The flexible exoskeletal armor adequately covers not only the knuckles but also the fingers to ensure utmost protection to the part of the hand from the wrist downwards. The rider doesn't have to worry about the fingers either as they have their own armor for protection. These gloves also have a specific closure feature which ensures that pressure is applied evenly around the rider's wrist. This feature can be tightened or loosened quite effortlessly and easily so that the comfort of the rider is seriously taken care of. The riders will make use of this handrod gloves their daily choice because of the assured protection. In addition to being very tough, they are also very comfortable and very easy to use.

A complete pair of the gloves comes with features that are artfully and innovatively developed to ensure that any potential harm or destruction coming your way is forestalled – long before it happens. This good news is simply music to the ears of any motorbike rider who spends more time on their bike than anywhere else. The high-power Boa system, for instance, comes complete with a lace reel that is almost unbreakable. With 49 strands of wire made from stainless steel, it makes for an incredibly strong cable once tightened but when it is pulled, the string loosens immediately. The Handroid gloves were the first to incorporate the Boa System .

The exoskeleton feature is attached using springs and these work by pulling back slightly on the fingers. When in use, the spines are firmly anchored on the middle spines knuckles/segments of the rider's fingers and serve as sliders. The springs in the exoskeleton work by adding reverse pulling power and this reduces tension. The Boa system and the exoskeletal feature of the handroid gloves are what makes them unique. The other features of the gloves are pretty much the same as what you would find on any other motorcycle gloves. Soft leather is found in the body and palm of the gloves. The external stitching makes the inside of the glove very smooth and ensures that your hand is comfortable throughout.

Finger,arm, hand and wrist injuries are prevented by the Scaphoid protection system. The kangaroo leather used for the gloves ensures that moisture is controlled and perfect ventilation is maintained in the glove while the rider concentrates on what he loves most. A perfectly fit size for any rider, comfort and strength with the assured protection to the hand that the Knox Handroid motorcycle gloves give make them an ingenious innovation of motorcycle hand gloves in the market.