Knox Biomech Gloves

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The Biomech Glove

As part of a motorcyle gear upgrade, you may decide to give a new set of gauntlets a try. Riders, both professional and beginners, are always seeking comfortable, high quality gloves, placing more emphasis on their safety and feel. It's more than true that wearing uncomfortable gear is more dangerous and risky than wearing less quality gear, especially on considering the fact that the distraction and discomfort puts you at more risk.

Any gloves not enhancing a good feel on brakes, the throttle and clutch actually elevate the risk to even a greater extent. Gloves, to a huge extent, are similar to helmets. Should they not fit your hands' shape, then they're less likely to feel comfortable. Chances even are that you'll be irritated. As such, we'd like to closely review the Knox Biomech gloves, trying to decide on whether they're really worth it or not.

Knox Biomech Gloves

The Knox Biomechs are commonly and extensively used on the street, as well as on track. Below are some of their features, looking into their positive side, as well as the negative one.


The Biomechs are feature-filled to protect your hands. Gloves that are intended for motorcyle racing typically have pre-curved finger sections included. The Knox Biomechs are not any different. On the fingers and palm, they've a strong, yet tear-resistant kangaroo leather.

On the remaining surfaces is drum-dyed Aniline leather, sewn with high tensile polyester thread. Aniline leather is basically a kind of leather that has been dyed with soluble dyes which penetrate into the leather. This in turn, highlights the hide's natural beauty. Granted that there's no other coating used, this leather stands out superior in suppleness and softness.

The kangaroo leather along the palms is quite appropriate. This kind of leather is known to be stronger, yet lighter than many other kinds. It's by far unique, as it can be cut to a thin substance while still retaining the strength. In addition, there's a silicon grip perfectly overlay on the palm where your hands will grip the handlebars.

The scaphoid protection system on the palm is enhanced by the inner cuff slider which creates a sliding effect on pavement rather than allowing the palm to dig in. There's an opaque, exoskeleton knuckle protector, which contains a soft and impact-absorbent honeycomb gel. This may be seen right through the knuckle guard. The same gel is housed by the small metapod at the hand's back.


The Biomechs fit conveniently perfect. Should they not do so, it'd probably be because of your hands' and fingers' sizes. They're set to feel sturdy and safe without digging in anywhere. You'll even appreciate them more if the sizes of your fingers and thumbs differ as they're able to compensate for such irregularities. They actually improve in the feel as they break-in.


Considering that they're high end gloves, the overall feel is suitably excellent for the throttle, clutch and brake. The Biomechs rival, and outdo other brands and models in terms of the feel. They feel satisfying sturdy, sitting nicely and perfectly without digging in anywhere. There're vents on the fingers' sides which let in the right amounts of air.

Tightening System

These gloves feature quite a mint tightening system. It's quite easy to use them and seemingly, they're of deserved high quality. Their tightening system makes it easy to lock down the gloves to your sleeves at any tightness level you'd feel comfortable with. It also makes them easily and quickly removable. They're definite to hold up well whenever called to duty.

The Velcro fastening along the wrist may be pulled tight and nice, with the cuff's boa lacing system feeling as secure as Velcro. Together, these offer an extensive range of adjustability.

Boa Lacing System

Initially, this system was designed for footwear. In these gloves, the Boa lacing system draws the gauntlet side flaps, with an adjustable knob closure, over the wrist. You can easily tighten it by just snapping the knob down and dialling in the right torque amount for your taste. You may also release by simply pulling up the dial and the cables will give slack.

Any Cons?

The Biomechs may not seem great if you prefer wearing the cuffs under your sleeves. That ought to be quite obvious. Also, the lacing system does feel somehow vulnerable when you aren't wearing the gloves.

Ill-fitting gloves will distract and irritate you, and are actually dangerous. At their price range, the Knox Biomechs are conveniently comfortable and of promising quality. For fellow riders, and aspiring ones, I'd absolutely recommend the Biomechs, especially if seeking reasonably priced ones for track or street use. They're worth considering if you'd prefer a full, yet greatly appealing gauntlet.