Knox hand Armour Gloves

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Hand Armour

Knox is a company that has stood the test of time. We know Knox hand armour and back protectors. Over time, it has established different product lines, each being run by different divisions of the company. Formerly known as 'Knox Armor', it has at least five divisions, something that you can see from their website, 'Planet Knox'. One of them is the 'Cold Killers' division. It focuses on windproof winter layers. 'Knox Lab' focuses on motorcycle gloves, coming up with different types like Biomech, Zero, Recon and Handroid. The 'Dry Inside' division deals with base layers and the 'Knox OE' works with other manufacturers of motorcycle clothing. Let us look at 4 Knox hand armour motorcycle gloves:

1. Biomech


– Fits well

– Armour

– Scaphoid protectors

– Knox shrouds

– Sturdy

– Vents

– Velcro fastening

– Boa lacing system

The Biomech Knox hand armour fits well. It has armour on the knuckles and at the back of the hand. The palms are covered by Knox scaphoid protectors, and Knox shrouds cover the cuffs. The gloves feel sturdy. There are vents on the sides of the fingers to let in enough air. This ensures that the gloves are not sweaty even in warm weather. There is also Velcro fastening on the wrist which can be pulled tight. The boa lacing system on the cuffs is adjustable, yet feels secure. 


Pack the gloves carefully to avoid catching one of the laces. 


2. Orsa


– Breathable

– Lightweight

– Comfortable

– Affordable

– Durable

– Secure closure

These Knox hand armour motorcycle gloves are ideal for warm weather. They are breathable and lightweight, but do not overlook protection. They are also comfortable, affordable and just look cool overall. They are durable. The fastening system has a low profile, allowing it to easily slip under the sleeve. It offers a secure closure. 


3. Cold Killers


– Durability

– Wind stopper material

– Lightweight

– Versatile 

These gloves have simply redefined durability. A fleecy material covers the palms, with the back of the hands being covered by wind stopper material. They are lightweight and are versatile. You could use them for skiing for example. 

A downside

You need to avoid riding in winter if you do not want your hands to get cold. You can opt for heated gloves or courier-style muffs. 


4. Recon


– Long distance riding

– Boa wrist closure system

– Soft leather

– Comfortable

– Armour

Recon Knox hand armour motorcycle gloves are ideal for long distance riding. They have a boa wrist closure system which allows them to seal around you completely. Interestingly, they do not retain moisture and release instantly via pulling up the tensioner. They are made from soft leather and are comfortable. They do not compromise on protection and have hard armour on the scaphoid, fingers, and knuckles. They are also quite warm. They are not entirely waterproof, but will keep the rain out for an hour or so (even for fairly heavy showers). 


The closure system is a bit complicated. You need to ensure that the cuffs are tucked in right.


As you can see, the different Knox hand armour motorcycle gloves cater for different needs. All you need to do is choose the ones that best suit you.