My Knox Orsa Review

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Orsa Gloves Are Best

Riding a motorcycle can give excellent satisfaction, however sustaining a firm grasp on it is an essential factor and the Knox Orsa motorcycle gloves are created to provide this particular purpose. 

The Knox Orsa motorcycle gloves protect your hands against the elements of nature and when you consider that your hands are the guiding force behind your motorcycle driving, it makes you realize just how important these gloves are.

Not only do these gloves offer protection to your hands, they also keep your wrists, knuckles and fingers safe and warm during the ride. They feature a gel honeycomb knuckle shield and knuckle, finger and palm protectors for this particular purpose.

The Knox Orsa motorcycle gloves make great summer gloves. They use a Boa fastening system instead of Velcro hence they are much secured and you feel safe in them. The Boa closure system makes them a perfect fit. You can easily get your hands in and out of the gloves. 

The seamless is indeed a nice touch meaning when you take them off you don't have any funny alien markings on your hands like you get from some gloves.

Though it may take a couple of seconds longer to secure, it saves you from fraying and scratchy Velcro and provides a tighter, more secure fit.

These gloves make ideal summer companions for riders as they are breathable and light. They feature twin overlay to high wear areas hence they remain sturdy and last for long.

Knox Orsa gloves feature plenty of padding in the palm area of the glove. They also come with a dual compound scaphoid protection system. This ensures there is adequate palm protection.

These gloves are lightweight and comfortable and still manage to give solid protection across the hand.

They also feature a super breathable palm construction hence they still feel comfortable even if you sweat in them. This great ventilation makes them perfect for the summer. Besides, they are water resistant meaning you cannot wet your hands even when riding in the rain. 

Knox Orsa gloves come in various sizes hence you can get your perfect fit that allows you to handle your motorcycle with ease. 

Knox gloves come with a strap that can be tightened so that they fit securely and there is no chance of them being thrown off due to high wind speeds when driving. They also stay in place should there be an accident. 

They are made of stretch vented material which is reliable, durable, and flexible and it is able to repel water. Most motorcycle drivers opt for Knox gloves as they are real gloves unlike other second-rate fake options.

The silicone detailing provides a stronger grip hence you do not have to worry about slipping.

Knox motorcycle gloves are part of your protective motorcycle gear that you count on time to time. They give you 100% protection, comfort and provide your hands a firm grip on the handle bars. They also feel very thin yet secure with much more protection that you see on similar summer gloves. Get your lightweight, comfortable and function Knox gloves today!